Concrete Installation FAQ’s

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete driveway installation. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, ask a question in the comments box below or Contact Us!

  • Ken Schumm

    We are building a home on a sloped lot where the ~150ft long driveway will have a hilly approach, with a worst case grade of maybe 22-23%. CC&Rs require a concrete driveway. The driveway is on the east side of a ridge sloping down to the street below. We are worried about traversing the driveway during the winter. Here we get 12-18″ of snow a year with many days below freezing and rain all winter. The installation and operating costs of a heated driveway is prohibitive. For concrete, what measures can be taken to maximize traction, limit ice, and promote rapid snow and ice melt? Would coloring the concrete a dark color help? Thanks for the great web site and any advice you can offer! Ken Schumm, Olympia, WA

    • Hi Ken! There really is no perfect answer for this. We deal with the same thing here in Denver and those issues are just part of living in a snowy region and concrete driveways. The only suggestion I would have are 2 and you already mentioned 1 with having a dark colored concrete installed. But it would have to be almost black. The problem however is that it will fade with time. The second would be tining the concrete, but even then.. I’m not sure that will even help and may actually cause it to chip and crack prematurely. In the end… I would recommend going with asphalt in your situation.

  • Hi Ken. Thank you! Much appreciated! Yes. You actually could stain it but I’m not sure how often. Each manufacturer has different specs and there are many so it would take some research on your part to find the right product.